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Southern Cross Windmills

Southern Cross

Southern Cross Australia’s iconic brand

Southern Cross is an icon in the water supply and storage market in Australia, New Zealand and many international markets. Grown out of a company established in Toowoomba QLD by Griffith Bros in 1871, the Southern Cross name was first introduced in 1903 with the introduction of one of the first metal windmills produced by the company. This launched “SOUTHERN CROSS” as one of the most recognisable names catering for the supply and storage of water for the agricultural, municipal, industrial, infrastructure, fire and mining industries; Southern Cross pumps have proven proficient in upholding the highest caliber of industry standards.

Working within a wide array of markets, Pentair is a sustainable option for sourcing solutions for many industry water needs. Now part of Pentair, Southern Cross continue to offer the products that made us an iconic brand as well as a much broader range to satisfy the needs of our traditional and expanded markets.

The SOUTHERN CROSS name remains the benchmark in supplying the highest quality and most reliable pumping and fluid storage equipment to Australian, New Zealand and International customers.

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