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Nastec Solar Pumps

Nastec Solar Pumps – Italian Quality

Solar Pumps are fast becoming the preferred method of pumping water from bores, tanks, wells dams and GAT’s (Ground Access Trench).GATs are open trenches in the ground excavated to gain access to a water supply which are not the preferred option as they allow for contamination and excess evaporation from the water table.
Whilst windmills have been used efficiently for more than 150 years on The Eyre Peninsula occupational health and safety issues have deterred most farmers from repairing or installing them.

The Nastec range of solar pumps can pump to heads of up to 230 metres with the helical rotor range and up to 320 metres using the Vasco Variable speed drive range of pumps.
The Helical Rotor solar is primarily used in bore – hole applications whilst the Vertical Multi Stage pump (VMS) can be mounted outside of a tank or on shallow bores or a well where the suction is less than around the four metre mark.
The Nastec Nera are a basic, no fuss pump without generator interface or variable speed functions. The Nastec 4H series of the Nastec series are able to be equipped with variable speed and 240 volt Generator back up incorporating run dry protection and also pressure shut off via a pressure transducer. The Gen set back up is useful on extended days of heavy cloud conditions. A 2 kVa good quality generator set with sine wave current is all that is required. The Nastec vertical multistage pumps are also generator compatible.

Nastec pumps are powered by quality solar panels ranging from 200 watts to 400 watts. Each system can be equipped with between 2 and up to 32 panels depending on the duty required. The largest pump that we have installed is near Cowell, SA which is a 20 panel system with a maximum array output of 3.9kW coupled to a 2.2kW Vertical Multistage Pump and Vasco 212 inverter.

The Nastec solar pumping systems are a quality product manufactured under strict quality control conditions in Italy and carry a 3 year warranty. Solar panels have a 20 year warranty and Clenergy post mounts carry a 10 year warranty.

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