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Yellowtail windmill

The Yellowtail was originally known as the Metters "M" windmill. This was developed in the late 1950's from the older "K" and "Nu-Oil" models that Metters had made since the early twentieth century.

The Yellowtail was also known as the MBP model "M", but was renamed in the early 1980's with a name which reflected what it was popularly called. The Yellowtail has now been in production for more than forty years.

The Yellowtail features :-

  StormProof - The simple govering system automatically protects the Windmill and tower in high winds
  Safety ladder - A turntable inspection ladder is fitted to the 10-14ft models that rotates 360ยบ with the Windmill
  Rugged Wind wheel - The Yellowtail features a tension Windwheel that turns in the lightest breeze, yet is rugged enough to withstand gale force winds
  A Frame Wheel arms - Strong one piece "A" frame wheel arms are easier to assemble, hold more securely to the hub and hold the Windwheel section rigidly in place.
  Built in Sails - The galvanised steel sails are laced into the tension Windwheel and are spaced, shaped and curved for maximum pumping efficiency over a wide range of wind speeds.
  Twin Pinions - Carbide gear teeth ensure long-life, and pinions will not loosen or allow the large gears to work out of alignment.
  Double geared - with in-built speed control and manual shut-off.
  Long Life Replaceable Bearings - The main casting of the gearbox is line bored and fitted with long-lasting replaceable bearings
  Self maintenance - Automatic lubrication for all moving parts ensures long life and low maintenance. The Yellowtail is designed and built to last
The Wheel Arms, or Spokes, are built as a one piece "A" frame to make assembly easier, and to give a more rigid structure to the Windwheel. Sails on the Windwheel are built around the outer ring to ensure they will not work loose. The entire Windwheel bolts together under tension to create a tight structure that will withstand gale force winds.
The Yellowtail is available in 5 Windwheel sizes:
6ft (1.8 metres) 12ft (3.6 metres)
8ft (2.4 metres) 14ft (4.2 metres)
10ft (3.0 metres)