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Poly Column and Rod

Main Features

  • ½" Bright steel insert
  • 5/8" male female brass rod ends (heat sealed)
  • ½" polypropylene pipe sheathe
  • 1.1/2" threaded polypropylene column
  • Comes in 6metre, 3metre, and 1.5metre lengths
  • Can be custom made to suit any rod length
  • Column stabilizers available
  • Available in 1.1/2" or 2" column
  • The Poly column and rod system is light and easy to handle.
    A high density poly rod is also available for heads up to 60 metres

Poly-Rod Stabiliser

Movement of the column inside the bore casing can cause damage to the Poly Column. To minimise the damage a bore column Stabiliser can be used. We recommend that the Stabilisers be fitted to each length of the Poly Column and just above the Pump and the Foot Valve.


  • Minimise movement of the Poly-Rod Column in the bore
  • available in sizes 1½", and 2"
  • Protect both the Pump and the Column from abrasion
  • Prevent the bore casing from wear from the Pump.

Column Clamp

Our column clamps are designed to hold polypropylene column without bending.

Made from galvanised sheet metal, they cover a large surface area to give ultimate grip and support.

The clamps come in two sizes 1.1/2" or 2".


Poly Air Chamber

Air chambers are used to cushion the surge of water after each upstroke of the Windmill. The Air Chamber absorbs part of the water during the upstroke and uses the high pressure generated during this part of the pumping cycle to compress the air in the top of the Chamber. During the Windmills downstroke, the compressed air reacts back and forces the water absorbed in the delivery Pipeline.

Effectively, half the water from the upstroke is passed down the line during the downstroke – the effect is a smoother flow of water, less water hammer, less friction losses and less wear on the valves.

Air is soluble in water when under pressure and gradually the water fills the Chamber and the device becomes ineffective. The air Chambers come with brass valves to release accumulated water The Air Chamber should be fitted with a check valve between the chamber and the pump discharge.